Spring Break Tulip

Spring Break Tulip


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Romantic and Riveting Spring Beauty Crocus

  • Early Spring Blooms
  • Pale Purple with Deep Violet Flames
  • Easy to Grow
  • Great in Containers

There are crocuses and then there’s the Spring Beauty Crocus. These lovely lavender-and-eggplant blooms are as romantic as they are enthralling. This small but mighty crocus is an elegant way to celebrate spring’s arrival year after year.

The Spring Beauty Crocus isn’t ordinary by any means. Its blooms are tulip-shaped and offer more interest than most crocuses. Spring Beauty features lilac-blue exterior petals that are marked with high-contrast eggplant-colored flames. Its interior petals are soft and opulent lavender. And as this early-spring bloom’s petals part, you’re gifted with a tangerine orange stamen.

While your neighbors may have crocuses, very few if any, probably have Spring Beauty Crocus. These crocuses are rather rare and hard to find.

These petite-but-showy blooms are perfect for a front planting. They also sing as container plants and in drifts across your yard. Because they perform in full sun to partial shade, your options for where to plant this stunning beauty are quite open. They look darling along the edge of a garden bed or sidewalk. No matter where you plant yours, be sure they’re in a spot where you can admire them day after day. They truly warm up the winter grays.

Because of their demure size, Spring Beauty Crocus are great for small yards and tight spaces.

Crocuses are a must-have for any garden and Spring Beauty Crocuses are petals-and-stamen above the rest. Expect these rare blooms to go fast. Don’t miss out on your Spring Beauty Crocuses and order now.

We will ship your bulbs based on the correct planting time for your area.

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Spring Break Tulip – 8 pack bulbs