Squirt Compact Leucothoe

Squirt Compact Leucothoe


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Wonderful Dwarf Workhorse Squirt™ Compact Leucothoe

  • Ornamental Broadleaved Evergreen
  • Selection of Native Shrub
  • Compact Shrub Supports Wildlife
  • Fragrant, Bell-Shaped, White Flowers in Spring
  • Gorgeous Copper-Colored New Growth
  • Glossy Green Leaves Look Great All Year
  • Pretty Pointed Leaves Catch the Breeze
  • Perfect for a Partial Shade Spot
  • Very Easy Care
  • Deer Tend to Leave it Alone

Use Squirt™ Compact Leucothoe (Leucothoe axillaris Squzam’) to build your garden design around. This dwarf designer favorite is extremely low maintenance, but gives you an incredible look in every season.

Staying small and compact, Squirt’s evergreen foliage is incredibly ornamental. The pretty growth habit arches up and out like a small fountain.

The dark-green leaves are lustrous and shine even in the dusky light of partial shade. New growth is mahogany-colored and brightens up the look in a sophisticated way. You’ll be pleased to include these showy branches in any floral arrangement.

Leucothoe catches the wind, even the slightest breeze is enough to set the plant in motion. Appreciate the subtle play of the movement and sound, it will add a tremendous amount of charm in your landscape.

In spring, delight in small, creamy white, bell-shaped flowers with a light perfume. You’ll wish you could bottle the fresh, clean scent.

Watch for butterflies and native honeybees to visit the blooms, and for your local songbirds to take shelter in its dense branch structure. There are so many reasons to love this easy-care shrub, and helping the ecosystem is an important one.

Order enough to complete your entire project. This is a highly sought after dwarf variety, and we’ll sell out of our limited inventory quickly. Act now!

How to Use Squirt™ Compact Leucothoe

Consider using this wonderful, petite shrub as a modern foundation plant in a partial shade position. It rarely needs pruning or much special care.

You’ll add visual interest all year, but it will be especially welcomed in winter. Lovely coppery and deep green foliage looks great, and this is one plant that won’t outgrow it’s space.

Include under larger trees, or along the edge of a woodland. It can become a fabulous low border or edging for larger shrubs.

Try these as a broadleaved evergreen presence in borders and rock gardens, too. You really have endless possibilities with an elegant plant like Squirt Compact Leucothoe!

To create a solid hedge, plant them 2 feet apart on center. If you prefer a looser, more natural look, expand the spacing out to 3 feet on center. You’ll measure from the center of one to the center of the next.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Plant in a place that receives partial shade, or roughly 4 hours of direct sunlight a day. It will do best in a sheltered spot, out of the worst of the wind.

It loves acidic, well-drained soil. Provide an even amount of water on a regular basis. Consider adding a thick layer of mulch to cover the root system.

Fertilize with an acid lover’s formula according to package instructions. Or, add a top-dressing of compost and organic material to improve the richness of your soil.

Trim any broken or errant branches. As your shrub ages, you can periodically do renewal pruning by cutting it back to a few inches from the ground in the late winter.

Use Squirt Compact Leucothoe to boost the design impact of your landscaping. It’s easy and charming, attractive in all seasons, and won’t require more than a few minutes of care a year.


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