Stellar Pink Dogwood

Stellar Pink Dogwood


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Clouds Of Pink Flowers In Spring!

Dogwoods are perfect yard trees in the US. Not only are they native, which makes them super adaptable to almost any space, but they are absolutely, jaw-dropping gorgeous in the spring. Stellar Pink® Dogwood, Cornus ‘Rutgan’ Stellar Pink®, is a cross between these American natives and Japanese native Dogwood and the results will take your breath away.

Great in a sunny or semi-shady spot in your yard, these stunning trees will look beautiful in the perennial border or as a foundation tree and excel as a light shade tree during the hot summer months.

But, oh, those blooms! Every spring Stellar Pink® Flowering Dogwood tree covers itself in soft pink blossoms just after the tree leaves out (a sure sign of its Japanese heritage.) Make sure you plant the tree somewhere where you can enjoy them up close. They are simple, but beautiful, flowers.

Improved disease resistance and low maintenance, all these trees really require is adequate water during the hot summer months. Plant them singly as specimens or in groups for a show-stopping woodland garden.

The US native parentage means that these will do well in most gardens. They are hot sellers, so order yours early for the best spring bloom!

  • Beautiful, Small Tree
  • Pink Spring Blooms
  • Easy Care!
  • Hardy Native

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Stellar Pink Dogwood – #3 Container, Stellar Pink Dogwood – 4x4x10 Inch Container