Stuart Pecan Tree

Stuart Pecan Tree


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Old-time Favorite Pecan

Pecans are great trees. They provide, shade, beauty and best of all – nuts! The Stuart pecan tree is an old time favorite. This is a stand-out among the pecan varieties, and is one of the most popular pecan trees in the Southeastern US. 

The Stuart is a hardy, upright tree. It is sturdy and doesn’t need you to fuss over it. It requires less pruning and training compared to its other pecan family members, which leaves you more time to enjoy sitting under its shade with a good book while you wait for the delicious nuts to ripen. 

Its nuts are medium-sized (but probably bigger than you’d buy in the store!) and produce roughly 50-55 nuts per pound with a heavy shell. Stuart can take a bit longer to start producing nuts than other pecan trees, but the wait is definitely worth it! 

The Stuart will adapt to most soil types and does well in full sunlight or moderate shade. Just give it a pollinator, good watering and plenty of room to grow, then sit back for the show. You won’t be disappointed!

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* Great shade tree
* Loads of pecans
* Old-time favorite! 
* Recommended pollinators: Hardy Pecan, Desirable Pecan 

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