Sumner Pecan Tree

Sumner Pecan Tree




Big Tree Means Big Harvests!

Sumner Pecan tree (Carya illinoinensis ‘Sumner’) is one of the best trees for homegrown pecans on the market. Do you want ton of nuts, easy care and great taste? Of course you do! Sumner will give you that every year.

Sumner will happily give you yearly harvests of full, delicious pecans. All it wants is a sunny, well-drained spot. Make sure, though, that you pick your place well, because Sumner will grow large!

These are great shade trees in the heat of summer and pretty fall trees with nuts maturing in October/November. (You’ll need a pollinator tree for a good harvest.)

Sumner grows just about as far north as a pecan tree can – up to zone 6. This means that you can grow Sumner in all but the coldest places. Sumner doesn’t mind the cold.

Commercial growers love Sumner Pecan Trees because they produce a lot of nuts, are more disease-resistant than most and stand upright and strong without a lot of pruning.

This is a big tree, with big yields and an even bigger taste. Doesn’t your yard need one today?

  • Beautiful big shade tree
  • Loads of huge pecans
  • Reliable producer
  • Great flavor

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Sumner Pecan Tree – #5 Container, Sumner Pecan Tree – 4x4x10 Inch Container