Sunshine Blue® Bluebeard II

Sunshine Blue® Bluebeard II


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Late-Season Color Sunshine Blue® Bluebeard II

  • Last-season flowers and foliage color
  • Amazing scent
  • Attracts butterflies

Sunshine Blue® Bluebeard II is a flowering shrub. These would be wonderful as container plants for your patio, or make a striking border for one of your garden beds. If you have a slope in your landscape, planting Bluebeard en masse would create a spectacular effect.

Sunshine Blue Bluebeard II features delicate, blue flowers that rise out and above the foliage, their airy nature an almost ethereal appearance for your landscape. The tiny, blue tufts of floral perfection are held aloft on stems strong enough to hold them erect as they sway on the breezes.

The blue flowers are especially eye-catching amid the yellow-tinted foliage, and will be adored by your yard’s butterflies. Both the flowers and foliage have a pleasing scent and will continue their fabulous show from late summer and into fall.

Sunshine Blue Bluebeard II is a fast-growing, vigorous shrub and drought tolerant once established.

Sunshine Blue has an upright, compact nature and is a stronger plant than some other Bluebeard varieties. It can be left to grow naturally, but doesn’t mind if you chose to prune it back to encourage new growth. Deer tend to pass it by, and it will be a relatively carefree plant for your yard.

A Proven Winners® selection, Sunshine Blue® Bluebeard II is valued by many gardeners for its late-season color and blue/yellow contrast. You’re sure to love it too!

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Sunshine Blue Bluebeard II – Quart Container, Sunshine Blue Bluebeard II – #2 Container