Sunsparkler Cherry Tart Sedum

Sunsparkler Cherry Tart Sedum


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Red Foliage and Pink Flowers Make a Striking Combo

Sedums are a group of plants that are indispensable perennials for any garden. Tough, hardy and succulent looking, they add interest to your garden for more than 6 months from early summer until well into the winter months.

Sunsparkler® Sedum Cherry Tart has a wonderful combination of cherry red foliage and deep-pink flowers. Try mixing it in with fine grasses or hardy groundcovers. It is attractive to bees and butterflies and definitely animates the garden. The foliage and flowers add color in generally challenging garden spots.

These are drought tolerant and trouble free. They don’t need much more than a spring pruning, good drainage and plenty of sun. Even when going dormant the flower heads look great in the winter garden with snow or ice frosting them.

Sunsparkler® Sedum Chery Tart is a fine single specimen plant, but for real impact plant them in group of threes and fives and watch them spread.

Super hardy and astonishingly colorful, you can’t go wrong with these in your garden. Order yours from Nature Hills today.

  • Great color
  • Thrives in dry soil
  • Attracts pollinators

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