Superbena® Large Lilac Blue Verbena

Superbena® Large Lilac Blue Verbena


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Brilliantly Blue: Superbena® Large Lilac Blue Verbena

  • Large Lilac Blue Flowers
  • Container Plant
  • Easy to Grow

The Verbena pedulla superba – (Large Lilac Blue ), displays blue super large flowers. This Large Lilac Blue exhibits strong and vigorous growth, along with mildew resistance. This amazingly improved Verbena is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

This Verbena is perfect for patio containers, on balconies, hanging baskets, window boxes or as an outstanding flowering groundcover. It is already a great seller because of its colors and upright trailing-cascading habit.

Verbena plants like full sun and tolerate drought well. As long as this plant has some pertection, it does alright during the winter months, however, it is not the most cold hardy plant.

This Large Lilac Blue Superbena is self-cleaning and will not need to be deadheaded. Any gardener will be thrilled as the the large flowers spill over their baskets, window boxes, and containers. This plant is easy to grow and maintain!

The bright, large lilac blue flowers of this verbena begin in May and last the entire summer. Don’t wait another moment, order one for yourself today!

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Superbena Large Lilac Blue Verbena – 4.5 Inch Container