Supertunia® Priscilla® Petunia

Supertunia® Priscilla® Petunia


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Sun Lover Give You Months of Color

The Petunia Supertunia® Priscilla, Petunia hybrids ‘Supertunia® Priscilla’, is wonderfully fragrant and has huge lavender flowers and a vigorous trailing habit that turns hanging baskets and decorative urns into garden masterpieces!

‘Supertunia® Priscilla’ has beautiful deep veined lavender flowers and is a vigorously trailing species of an ever blooming, long-living petunia from Australia.

‘Supertunia® Priscilla’ provide a long-term color in full sun areas throughout the season, and can grow nearly an inch a day. It is ideal for baskets, beds, balconies and combination plantings.

Supertunias do not need to have their dead flower heads removed to continue flowering. Supertunias grow fast and so make sure they get ample moisture and fertilizer.

Supertunias are very heat and drought tolerant once established, but late in July and August ‘Supertunia® Priscilla’ plants should get added moisture and fertilizer to continue with their gorgeous flowering; great lavender color that perform all season!

Mix with other colorful petunias which will add light and contrast to your containers or flower beds!

* Lovely lavender flowers
* Hardy trailing habit
* Easy to maintain
* Perennial in zones 9-11 

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Supertunia Priscilla Petunia – 4.5 Inch Container