Sweetheart Cherry Tree

Sweetheart Cherry Tree


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Superb Cherry with Prolonged Harvest

Sweetheart Cherry Tree has ornamental features and outstanding, summer fruit. These cherry trees would look spectacular lining your driveway, or even just one in your front or side yard would be sure be noticed.

Your Sweetheart Cherry Tree will create a spectacle in your yard once friends and neighbors have sampled its delectable fruit. What’s incredible about this cherry is that it ripens over a period of a couple weeks, so your harvest season is extended…and what a harvest it is!

The shiny, bright Heart shaped red fruits exterior covers the smooth, crisp skin of this exquisite cherry. The interior flesh is meaty and firm, but with a delicious sweet flavor that will make your taste buds water. A slight hint of acidic undertone is just enough to provide the perfect amount of bite to this unique cherry. It even remains crisp long after being picked.

Sweetheart Cherry is not only a source of wonderful fruit, but also a lovely tree for your yard and can be pruned to maintain almost any height. Mid-April brings pristine white flowers which results in a late harvest of mid-July cherries that dot the tree like tiny, brilliant ornaments amid the green foliage.

Autumn transforms the shiny foliage to shades of orange, pink or red for yet another decorative show. Of course, as with most cherry trees, even the bark itself is lovely. The reddish, dark-brown hue even becomes fissured on older trees for added interest.

The Sweetheart Cherry is quickly becoming a wildly popular tree. It’s self-fruitful and a perfect choice if you only have room for one tree. In fact, the addition of another variety will only serve to increase your production and harvest.

Choosing a Sweetheart Cherry Tree ensures that you will have an attractive tree that is also a heavy producer of extra large sweet, juicy fruit. What a way to bring a spectacular finale to your summer!

  • Heavy producer, Late and prolonged harvest
  • Self-fruitful
  • Stays crisp and resists cracking
  • Ornamental features

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Sweetheart Cherry Tree – #3 Container 4-5 Feet