The Fairy Rose

The Fairy Rose


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The Fairy Rose Fit for a Fable

  • Shrub Rose
  • Light Pink Blushing White Petals
  • Contrasting Dark Green Foliage
  • Blooms from Spring into Fall
  • Adored by Pollinators
  • Great Hedge Bush
  • Fills Beneath Rose Trees
  • Disease Resistant
  • Faint Sweet Fragrance
  • Great for Bouquets
  • Easy to Care For

The Fairy Rose (Rosa ‘The Fairy’) will make all your dream garden expectations come true. It’s perfectly, pink petals draw everyone in, even nearby pollinators will stop and smell the roses.

The true potential of The Fairy Rose shines in the late spring when the petals bloom brighter than ever. This small shrub rose can enhance your garden with that particular flare that you’ve been dreaming of.

This petite shrub rose will out bloom the others with its magnificent pink color emerging from the pleasantly contrasting green foliage beneath.

What truly makes this rose a must-have is the abundant amount of clear pink roses that billow out and cascade over the ends of the branches.

This enchanting rose loves basking in the sun and takes on a reverse coloration of its light pink into a blush white during especially hot summers.

Not only will this rose bring the flower power you’re looking for, it’s also a pollinator favorite.

You can all but see the twinkle in the eyes of the butterflies and various other beneficial pollinators that dance around this remarkable rose. The Fairy Rose will have them in a trance, giving you a quick glimpse of it’s magic!

This fairytale rose produces full, double flushed blooms all summer and continues bringing the charm well into fall. The pink, fluffy, rounded shape will remind you of fairies fluttering around your garden.

Your garden has the potential to not only fly but to catch the eye of everyone passing by.

Have you been wishing for a rose that can bring your garden to life? Well, The Fairy Rose is here to deliver what you wished for. This rose will exceed your expectations and fulfill your garden’s needs with a simple flick of a wand. Order now!

How to Use The Fairy Rose in the Landscape

The soft pink color of this admirable rose draws people in and leaves them wanting their very own. The Fairy Rose’s soft, creamy pink color shimmers throughout your garden that produces a calm scenery outside your house.

Whether this captivating rose is used as a ground cover to diminish the rigid corners of your garden or to cascade over the sides of your container, it will do its job and then some!

This rose is quintessential for bringing your garden together. The size and spread allow it to cover the spaces that need filling. This rose is versatile and can be grouped or used as a hedge.

The Fairy Rose is also a phenomenal asset under your very own rose tree. Adding this rose under your rose tree can add depth and eliminate bare spots in your garden.

The color and spread allows for mass planting and harmonizes perfectly with surrounding flowers. This can help to reduce room for weeds growth within your garden.

Let The Fairy Rose do the work for you to keep your garden living happily ever after. The graceful pink spreading adds the extra glimmer that your garden is missing.

#ProPlantTips for Care

The Fairy Rose makes your life as effortless as possible with its hardy, disease-resistant personality that will fight off the devilish powdery mildew and black spot.

This rose will come to life in full sun, or at least 6 hours a day. This rose glistens when planted in an area with good air circulation along with rich, well-drained soil. This will provide the rose with its out of this world performance to steal anyone’s heart.

Adding fertilizer in the early spring allows this enchanting rose to flourish into its full mature size of about 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide. For ideal growth, leave the rose untrimmed in the fall and winter, and in spring just as they start to flourish, trim all stems down to about 6 inches.

The Fairy Rose also enjoys organic or compost mulch. This creates a happier and healthier garden that helps resist pests and diseases.

Have you ever seen a garden with mulch as opposed to without? The difference it can make is night and day. It allows the different colors throughout the garden to really pop.

This all-inclusive rose can fit your every need in your garden. Let The Fairy Rose work its magic in your landscape and fill the holes with its charming color.

Your wishes came true, The Fairy Rose is perfect for you. Add that extra sparkle to your garden today to finally make your fairytale garden come to life. Order today from our expert growers at Nature Hills Nursery!

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