Therese Bugnet Rose

Therese Bugnet Rose


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Cold Hardy Rose WIth Unique Winter Interest

  • Cold Hardy
  • Hard Shrub Rose
  • Red Canes in Winter
  • Double Layered Pink Blooms

The ‘Therese Bugnet’ Rose, Rosa ‘Therese Bugnet’, is a hardy shrub rose with large, red to pale pink, double flowers that are very fragrant and bloom from mid-June until frost.

The blue-green, long narrow foliage with its red fall color makes an attractive addition to the landscape.

This Rose has its own root. The advantage of its own root roses is that once established they are very resilient. If winter’s freezing breezes kill the top growth, the rose will grow back in the spring, and the recovered rose will look the same as the one you purchased.

Therese Bugnet’ is a true zone 3 plants as its origin in Canada in 1950 might suggest. This plant is very hardy. The form is dense, upright, and mounding in full sun. ‘Therese Bugnet’ will bloom in part shade, but not as much as in the full sun.

Use this plant as a border or hedge as it stays fully leafed to the ground. The canes turn red in the winter so it has great winter interest, especially when contrasted with snow.

Therese Bugnet blooms in June on last year’s wood so wait until they bloom, and then you can shorten up those stems, or even cut those stems out to the ground to renewal prune the plant (leaving the younger thinner stems in place). More flowers develop on the newer stems later in the summer into fall. Buy one now!

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