Tilton Apricot Tree

Tilton Apricot Tree


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Top Rated for Canning Tilton Apricot

  • Late Mid-Season
  • One of the Most Flavorful Apricots
  • Pink Spring Flowers
  • Cold Hardy

One of the world’s best varieties for canning, the Tilton Apricot (Prunus armeniaca ‘Tilton’) is also superb as a fresh eating variety, and dries just beautifully. This is a delicious variety that bears an excellent crop, year after year.

Tilton Apricot features heart-shaped fruit that has a light golden hue with just a hint of rosy blush. The fruit has a unique appearance among apricots with its slightly flatter shape and “suture” line that goes halfway around the fruit. It is also prized for being one of the most flavorful of the apricots available today, with a sweet/tart flavor to its tender and juicy nature.

Owning your own Tilton Apricot Tree makes it easy to enjoy this delicious fruit right from the tree, saving money by skipping the store.

If you’re looking for a fresh-eating apricot, then look no further. This variety is delectably good right from the tree. It is also great in recipes, from fruit salads and compotes to baked goods and dessert breads. Don’t overlook the Tilton Apricot for preserving, though; it freezes and cans beautifully, so you can keep part of your harvest for later on in the year.

It’s a great choice for improving the beauty and value of your property. Plant it in full or partial shade and you’ll enjoy not just sweet, luscious fruit, but also a beautiful show of springtime flowers. Tilton blooms late, making it a favorite among growers who don’t want to risk late frosts.

The Tilton Apricot is a vigorous tree with a symmetrical shape and dense crown of green foliage, improving your home’s curb appeal out front or becoming a source of tempting and nutritious snacks out back.

Tilton’s spring bloom produces delicate pink flowers that are fragrant and a tempting lure to area pollinators, from butterflies to hummingbirds. It bears a heavy crop late-summer and is resistant to late frosts, so upkeep is minimal.

It’s self-pollinating so you don’t need a lot of space to enjoy this remarkable variety, and you can get your start with the Tilton by purchasing just one tree. Of course, you’ll always get a larger crop with a partner, or second tree.

Whether you’re an apricot-lover, or just want to try growing something new, the Tilton Apricot is for you. Easy to grow, colorful and with fruit of exceptional quality, the Tilton Apricot is an outstanding choice for your backyard orchard today.

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Tilton Apricot Tree – #3 Container 4-5 Feet, Tilton Apricot Tree – #3 Container