Tinkerbelle Lilac

Tinkerbelle Lilac


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Tinkerbelle Lilac With Fairytale Blooms on Hardy Shrub

  • Bright, fragrant spring flowers
  • Deer tolerant
  • Powdery mildew resistant
  • Great Foundation Plant

Tinkerbelle Lilac (Syringa x ‘Bailbelle’) is a deciduous shrub with gorgeous, spring flowers. Plant a few for an informal hedge or en masse as a spectacular spring display that won’t be missed. Even just one will add a splash of color next to your outbuilding or at a side entrance.

Your Tinkerbelle Lilac is in the Fairytale series and certainly lives up to that image with its ethereal and magical beauty, and abundance of flowers, scent and form. Deep red buds appear in spring, opening to 5-inch long panicles of gloriously pink flowers in mid to late spring.

The spicy fragrance is enchanting, sure to draw you in for a closer look as well as provide a strong lure for your pollinators. 3-inch long, oval leaves of vibrant dark green fill out your Tinkerbelle for a lush, full look to your landscape throughout the summer months and into fall.

Tinkerbelle Lilac has an upright nature with a rounded habit. Tinkerbelle is urban tolerant, disease resistant and even deer tend to pass it by. It requires very little effort but provides an enormous return in the sumptuous beauty it will bring to your home.

To keep it at its happiest and healthiest, make sure to plant in full sun. It loves basking in the rays! Add in some well-drained soil and a layer of mulch and you’ll owner to the happiest lilac on the block.

Lilacs are always valued ornamental shrubs for the landscape, and Tinkerbelle is an exquisite variety of Lilac. Plant a Tinkerbelle Lilac today and bring some of its Fairytale magic to your home this year.

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