Tiny Monster Geranium

Tiny Monster Geranium


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Prolific Magenta Blooms!

  • Magenta Blooms All Summer
  • Hardy & Fast Growing
  • Low Maintenance & Easy Care
  • Deer & Rabbit Resistant

Geranium ‘Tiny Monster’ has radiant magenta flowers with delicate, red veining that appear to be sprinkled over the deeply-loped, bright green foliage of this remarkable perennial.

Constant blooms throughout the summer ensure reliable color, and the foliage’s bronze hues late season bring some autumn interest to the landscape.

Tiny Monster is a veritable powerhouse of artistry and utility. It’s a fast-growing, productive perennial that is sure to produce years of beauty for your garden.

Deer will leave it alone as will the rabbits! But butterflies will love you for planting a neat mound of these in your garden. Great border and perennial garden plant, it is tolerant of a variety of soils and generally disease resistant.

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