Top Hat Blueberry

Top Hat Blueberry


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Perfect Blueberry for Containers

  • Perfect Shape for Containers
  • Pretty Berries Grow on the Outside of the Leaves
  • Nutritious, Delicious and So Fun to Grow
  • Self-Pollinating (but we know you’ll want several)

Half High, Midseason

A perfect container plant, the Top Hat Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum x Vaccinium angustifolium) brings flavor and ornamental quality to your landscape. It will grow fast to fill out the pot for a gorgeous look. It can also be grown in-ground as well where it becomes the perfect garden border plant.

Top Hat is a self-pollinating dwarf hybrid blueberry. It explodes with white, bell-shaped blossoms in spring. You’ll definitely appreciate it as a prolific producer of dainty, sweet flavored fruit that ripens in Midseason.

The berries are wonderful fresh off the bush or used in baked desserts. The medium- to large-sized berries have a long hang time, so you can pick them at your convenience.

From spring bloom to harvest, this plant is always performing. You’ll love the wonderful display of fiery red bronze fall color. Top Hat’s perfect shape is even evident in the winter when it has lost all of its leaves.

It was actually selected at Michigan State University for its perfect shape. This special cross was done by the world-famous hybridizer, Dr. Stanley Johnston who you may know also created the fabulous Red Haven Peach. Top Hat was most likely crossed in the 1960’s, though the full value would not be appreciated until the 1980’s.

The absolute perfect shape of the Top Hat impressed all that viewed it in the early trials. This is a spherical bush with handsome, pointed leathery leaves and firm, sweet berries which set on the outside of the plant. The cute berries really add to the ornamental and nutrient value with high vitamin and antioxidant content.

This small, versatile Blueberry shrub looks great in containers. Bonsai enthusiasts love this plant. Top Hat will even produce flowers and fruit in a bonsai dish!

Top Hat does well in full sun or part shade and requires a PH of 5.5 or less to thrive.

Imagine picking your own healthy, delicious blueberries. It’s a great experience for the whole family and you’ll have plenty to share with friends. Eat them fresh or use for pies, muffins, cobblers, jams, preserves, and syrup.

This superior Blueberry really delivers on charm, nutrition and taste. Order yours today!

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