Trumpeter Rose

Trumpeter Rose


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Low-Maintenance Trumpeter Rose

  • Floribunda Rose
  • Frilly and Fun Orangey-Red Flowers
  • Rare and Ravishing Coloration
  • Robust and Disease Resistant

Skip the fussy, high-maintenance roses. Don’t settle for the same roses as all of your neighbors. The Trumpeter Rose (Rosa ‘Trumpeter’) is a low-maintenance, pint-sized floribunda that perfectly pairs with a wide array of your other garden favorites. This petite and striking rose blows other small-scaled roses out of the garden.

What makes this variety one of the best roses you will find? Its uses are nearly limitless. With glossy green leaves that set off its brilliant red-orange blooms, this rose makes a huge splash in almost any area of your yard.

Use the Trumpeter Rose to highlight taller landscaping or for a splash of contrast. Use this charming rose to ring your fountain or to edge your walkway. The Trumpeter Rose also makes a wonderful underplanting around your rose trees or as a striking container plant that will light up the eyes of everyone that sees it. Of course, you could enjoy a sea of Trumpeter Roses as a breathtaking mass planting.

The Trumpeter Rose comes alive with brilliant terracotta bloom from late spring deep into summer. These fiery hot flowers smell as lovely as they look. These brilliant roses will brighten your local pollinators’ year as well.

This rose remains compact and manageable year after year. You will want to provide it with plenty of sunshine, rich soil, and deep pruning in early spring. The Trumpeter Rose is mildew, rust, and blackspot resistant.

The Trumpeter Rose is a great addition to your garden, patio, porch, or portico. This dwarf floribunda is in high demand and ready to light up your life today!

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