Two-fer® Ebb Tide™ & Julia Child Rose Tree

Two-fer® Ebb Tide™ & Julia Child Rose Tree


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Fragrant Two-fer® Ebb Tide™ & Julia Child Rose Tree

  • Exquisite Purple and Yellow Blossoms
  • Sweet and Spicy Scent
  • Wonderful Cut Flowers
  • Excellent in Containers

Contrasting colors are put together for a reason, they look wonderful side by side! Contrast must have been the inspiration for the Two-fer® Ebb Tide™ & Julia Child Rose Tree (Rosa ‘WEKsmopur’, Rosa ‘WEKvossutono’) because the shades are staggeringly different and astonishingly beautiful. You’ve seen both of these roses before but never like this! Putting one of these in your garden is sure to take it to the next level!

Imagine the deepest, shade of velvety purple growing next to roses the color of the sun on a midsummer day. That’s exactly what you’re getting with the Two-fer® Ebb Tide™ & Julia Child Rose Tree! Previously only available as two seperate rose bushes, they can now be enjoyed together on a strong and sturdy standard!

The ways to use one of these beauties in your garden and landscape are endless. They make excellent centerpieces to a flowerbed or eye-catching entryway decorations. You could also use a couple to create a wonderful border to your yard. No matter what you plan to do with them though, make sure they are visible for all to admire!

One of the most unique features about this already fascinating tree is its fragrance! The two-colored roses have two different scents that unite and complement each other perfectly. From the Ebb Tide roses, you’ll get hints of spices such as cloves and from the Julia Childs, faint yet refreshing licorice. Sweet and spicy together at last!

If somehow you can tear your eyes away from the chroma collaboration of the roses, you’ll notice the blossoms sit atop a lovely bed of gorgeous glossy green leaves. There is something truly magical when it’s in bloom. Lucky for you, this rose tree will bloom from late spring all the way until fall! So there’s lots of time to enjoy its brilliant demeanor and scent!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of attention the Two-fer® Ebb Tide™ & Julia Child Rose Tree garners. Not only will your neighbors be wondering how you’ve come to grow such a beautiful tree, but the local pollinators will also love it too! Butterflies and hummingbirds will be fluttering around your garden all season long!

While it may seem like a tree this beautiful would be hard to take care of, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Simply plant it somewhere it can bask in the sun all day long and in well-drained soil. If you live in a colder region, giving this rose tree some protection during the coldest parts of the year might be a good idea.

Don’t wait until everyone in the neighborhood has a Two-fer® Ebb Tide™ & Julia Child Rose Tree in their garden. Stay ahead of the rest and order one today!

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Two-fer Ebb Tide Julia Child Rose Tree – #5 Container