Van Cherry Tree

Van Cherry Tree


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One of the Finest Cold-Hardy Sweet Van Cherry Tree

  • Abundant Producer
  • Late-Midseason Large, Red-Black Fruit
  • Intense Cherry Flavor
  • Crack-Resistant
  • Great Cherry Pollinator

Our Van Cherry Tree (Prunus avium Van’) has a well deserved reputation as one of the finest cherries for the home grower. It’s among the cold hardiest of cherries and comes with the added bonus of its striking ornamental features. Growers appreciate its shiny, serrated leaves and its upright, rounded form, making it a visual delight for both the front yard or the mini orchard out back.

The Van Cherry Tree provides a beautiful display each spring when it becomes weighed down in clusters of lovely snow white flowers, creating a show for the neighborhood that’s bound to garner a compliment or ten.

The green foliage is contrasted by the rich red cherries that hang by the handful, tempting you to reach up and grab a filling and sweet-tart snack.

Fruiting generally occurs by mid June on this a late mid-season variety. Van Cherries are sweet, shiny and red black in color. They resist cracks, so your harvest is bigger and more bountiful. The fruit is outstanding eaten fresh off the tree, or can be used for jellies, jams, pies or preserves.

Van cherries also freeze well, so you can preserve part of your crop for use later on in the year. Dry any added cherries to add to a trail mix or snack mix.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Make size control a regular part of growing all your fruit trees. Maintain Van Cherry at a reasonable height under 8 to 10 feet so that netting is an easier task. You will not want to give up a single piece of this wonderful fruit to birds, once you have tried it.

Although Van Cherry requires a pollinator it is one of the best pollinators for any other sweet cherry tree, so let ripening time and your taste be your guide in selecting your partner cherry variety. Plant the dark red, Black Tartarian Cherry or the blushed red over yellow Rainier cherry to extend your harvest of cherries for over 2 months.

Van Cherry trees need 700 chilling hours, so gardeners in the north, Midwest and Great Lakes area will have wonderful luck with this variety. If you are in more marginal cold climates, use the Stella Cherry as a pollinating partner.

Order your Van Cherry today! You’ll love the outstanding intense cherry flavor of the Van Cherry, one of the finest for the home grower.

Recommended pollinators: Rainier, Stella, Black Tartarian

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