Vintage Raspberry

Vintage Raspberry


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Voluptuous and Stunningly Sweet Vintage Raspberry

  • Late Season
  • Largest and Sweetest Raspberry
  • Self Pollinating
  • Great Kitchen Garden Plant

Strolling through the produce aisle at the grocery store, you might stop to pick up a package of the classic red raspberries we all know and love. Sure, store bought is alright, but homegrown is much better, we promise! Growing raspberries at home is so simple you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before with Vintage Raspberry (Rubus idaeus ‘Vintage’)!

Vintage starts the season out with lovely petite white flowers on an attractively uniform, upright bush. You’ll be charmed by the character it brings to your garden and then absolutely blown away once it yields its crop of delicious red berries.

The real treat of this plant comes later in the season and sometimes into fall when the delectable berries are ready to be harvested. Try picking them straight off the bush for a light and fresh snack, they are fantastic when warm from the late summer sun. You can also try raspberry applesauce, tossed into oatmeal, or blended for a smoothie.

For the regular raspberry growers, Vintage tends to ripen a few weeks earlier than other varieties such as Heritage. They are often sought after due to their higher yield rate and overall larger berry.

While more than one type of raspberry bush might be wanted in order to extend the growing season, it isn’t necessary as Vintage is self pollinating. They will do just fine and produce an abundance of fruit all by itself, making it the perfect raspberry for the gardener just getting into produce growing.

This deciduous bush is easy to please, simply plant it somewhere in full sun and well drained soil. It’s a fast grower, so waiting for its first harvest won’t take long at all! While waiting, local pollinators may visit the blossoms, butterflies love snacking on the nectar during the summer!

There are plenty of ways to incorporate Vintage into a garden. It’s a natural fit to a produce garden near kitchens, where a few berries for a smoothie are just a few feet away! It also does great in perennial gardens or near patios! Its classic lush green makes it a pleasing plant even when not in bloom!

The easiest way to grow your Vintage Raspberry plants is to cut all of the stems to the ground in early spring. Watch as all fresh new shoots develop and grow from the ground up. These new primocanes will flower and produce berries on their tips from summer into fall each year.

New and experienced growers alike love growing Vintage Raspberry. The sheer amount of large berries, that ripening before others, and the spectacularly sweet taste make it a very attractive specimen. Don’t settle for store bought berries, order a Vintage Raspberry bush today!

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