Virginia Creeper

Virginia Creeper


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Versatile Vine for Semi Shade

The Virginia Creeper, Parthenocissus quinquefolia ‘engalmani’, is a fast-growing, high-climbing vine that attaches itself with tendrils which expand into disk-like tips.

The deciduous leaves that radiate outward from a leaf stem, like spokes on a wheel. Each leaflet is about 3″-7″ long and an inch or two wide.

The leaves turn fiery red in fall and are very showy.

The individual flowers are tiny and inconspicuous, and arranged in elaborate long-stemmed clusters, with each flower at the tip of a stem.The berries are blue-black, less than a half-inch across and much relished by birds.

Easy to grow, the Virginia Creeper can get out of hand if not managed. Also known as Woodbine, it will send up sprouts and seed itself, and established plantings may smother shrubs and trees.

Virginia creeper will thrive in most soils, in sun or partial shade, with or without a structure to climb on. When allowed to clamber over trees or other tall structures, it develops elongated leafy festoons that are especially showy.

Where there is nothing to climb, it attaches to the ground with adventitious roots. It makes an excellent cover for slopes or other places where grass is not practical or desired.

  • Blue Black Berries Which Attract Wildlife
  • Green Foliage Turns Brilliant Red in Autumn
  • Grows Vigorously in Sun to Shade

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