Vivid Obedient Plant

Vivid Obedient Plant


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Deep Pink Sun Perennial

The Obedient Plant Physostegia ‘Vivid’, ‘Physostegia virginiana’, has deep pink cup shaped flowers. It is an upright plant with taller spikes of almost trumpet-shaped blooms.

‘Vivid’ blooms from June to September and the waxy, green leaves make this plant a little different from other blooming perennials. Perfect for perennial beds, Cutting gardens, borders and butterfly gardens.

Vivid’ needs a full sun area but will tolerate some afternoon shade, in well-drained soil

Use ‘Vivid’ in mixed plantings, massed plantings (especially to separate other colors, in large containers.

. Try planting with Boltonia, Japanese Blood Grass, Phlox or Asters for contrast. Don’t worry about upkeep, this Obedient plant isn’t as aggressive as its cousins. It will stay where you plant it and keep its tidy shape.

  • Deep Pink Blooms
  • Unusual Waxy Foliage
  • Upright Tidy Form
  • Attracts Butterflies

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