Voyager Tulip

Voyager Tulip


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Take a Trip with the Voyager Tulip

  • Darwin Hybrid
  • Large Red Blooms
  • Variegated Foliage
  • Strong Stems
  • Great In Containers

Introducing the Voyager Tulip (Tulipa ‘Voyager’)! This big, bold, red tulip is brand new and one of the best on the block. This voluptuous stunner is more than just a pretty bloom. Its huge flower sits high above two-tone foliage that’s a true green, edged with lemon yellow.

This showstopper will truly take your imagination on a voyage. While not as massive as a real stop sign this ruby red tulip demands that spectators take a moment to admire just how bright and big it is. And your garden’s visitors will be rewarded when they do pause to applaud this brilliant beauty–this mid-spring bloom smells like heaven!

As a Darwin Hybrid, you know you won’t wake up to a mess of broken blooms. The Voyager Tulip has strong stems that can hold up to a breeze and a bit of rain.

With yellow-margined lancet leaves, this tulip looks more like an ornamental grass when not in bloom. And with such bright foliage, the mid-spring blooming season is even more exciting.

These giant tulips make for prize-winning flower arrangements. So, plant some in your cutting bed, but you’ll want some for your landscape, as well. These tall, elegant tulips are unbeatable as a group planting and statement in a mixed garden. Like other tulips, they’re all about a full sun position.

This blast-of-red tulip is out of this world. Put the Voyager Tulip on your fall planting to-do list. You’ll adore its two-tone foliage, fantastic spring blooms, and the right candy-red for any occasion. Order one today!

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Voyager Tulip – 10 pack bulbs