Washington Hawthorn

Washington Hawthorn


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Late Bloomer With Stunning Fall Color

The Washington Hawthorne tree is the last of the Hawthornes to bloom and possibly the best of all the ornamental Hawthornes.

The new foliage begins a reddish-purple color when unfolding and gradually changes to a beautiful, deep-green.

In late spring the Washington Hawthorne will be bursting with clusters of brilliant-white flowers. White blooms against the dark lustrous-emerald foliage make this quite a showy tree.

The Washington Hawthorne is known for its stunning fall color. Its striking orange, scarlet, and even purple leaves in the fall will make this a showstopper in your yard.

In late fall the leaves drop to reveal an abundant crop of glossy, bright red berries that will stay on your tree through the winter, providing a wonderful treat for the songbirds.

The Washington Hawthorne is a hardy ornamental tree. It is one of the few Hawthornes that are resistant to Fireblight.

Plant the Washington Hawthorne anywhere in your yard to add interest to your landscape and enjoy this unique trees year round show.

  • Late Blooming White Flowers
  • Fall & Winter Color
  • Fireblight Resistant
  • Salt Tolerant

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