Whirlwind Hosta

Whirlwind Hosta


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Dynamic Selection for Your Shade Garden

Experience often brings wisdom, and it’s really not surprising that so many savvy gardeners choose Hosta as their favorite perennial. They boast an easy care nature and trendy variegated foliage. We’ve even heard tell of people planting multiple Hosta varieties, and then bragging about their collection online!

If you are in search of a “Crown Jewel” for a new, or existing Hosta collection – the Whirlwind Hosta is a fabulous selection. These will grow beautifully for you in well-drained soil in partial or full shade.

Whirlwind is a highly textured selection featuring large, deeply ribbed, wavy leaves. But it’s the rare coloration that really sets this plant apart from it’s peers. Every leaf is unique, painted with broad brushstrokes of white, creamy yellow, bold lime green and spring green.

Variegated foliage keeps your garden design interesting, even while plants are out of their bloom season. Whirlwind looks great all season long, and you can even use the beautiful foliage for use in cut flower arrangements. You’ll look forward to late summer, when pale lavender blooms form above the wonderful leaves.

This is a perfect selection for shade or woodland gardens, containers and is excellent used in mass and understory edging. Expert gardeners love this selection, so please place your order just as soon as you can. Don’t miss this one!

  • Unique foliage
  • Easy care
  • Winner of multiple Horticultural Awards, including Best Variegated Hosta

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Whirlwind Hosta – #1 Container