White Drift® Rose

White Drift® Rose


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Dreamy Days White Drift Rose

  • Groundcover Shrub Rose
  • Full Double White Blooms that Fade into Blush Pink
  • Hardy, Disease Resistant
  • Fresh Sweetened Fragrance
  • Pollinator Friendly
  • Glossy Dark Green Foliage
  • Gorgeous Garden Gap Filler
  • Late Spring Bloomer
  • Drapes Elegantly Over Containers
  • Easy to Care For

Who would have thought that a little rose could make you feel like you’re flying high on cloud-9. After seeing the difference it makes in any location, it is no surprise to us that this rose has that effect. This White Drift Rose (Rosa ‘Meizorland’) isn’t just any ordinary groundcover.

The pure white, fully double blooms will illuminate your garden like a lighthouse lights up the ocean. What makes the white blossoms so apparent is the dark green foliage that lies beneath the bouquets of flowers.

Although this rose appears to be perfectly shaped like a miniature, it’s not. It is a groundcover rose that blooms wave after wave of white beauty for months.

Do you like surprises? Well, as it gets older it picks up a pink blush tint and leaves a spark of excitement for you to look forward to.

If the beautiful appearance of this rose wasn’t enough to steal your heart, then you should smell it. Its fragrance is like a fresh spring day and makes you feel like you’re on paradise island.

Not only will you and your neighbors rave about this sweet rose, but so will the butterflies and local pollinators. And who can blame them? The beauty and fragrance of this rose is incredibly desirable.

The White Drift Rose isn’t like other white flowers and doesn’t settle for being average. If you’re looking for that “perfect” flower, then your search is over and you found the one. Order your own today!

How to Use White Drift Rose in the Landscape

No matter where this White Drift Rose is planted, its beauty will be captivating. As a groundcover alongside your patio, or on your front porch pots. You name it, they make an exceptional addition.

You can make this sweet rose into what you and your garden is in need of. It can be precisely shaped or if you allow it to grow it can elegantly drape over the edges of your chosen container.

Let the White Drift Rose light the way to your front door with its bright, exquisite beauty by planting them along the sidewalk to your front door.

This groundcover has such dramatic full blooms that will catch everyone’s attention in front of rather tall plants to allow your garden to appear as full as possible.

This rose contrasts perfectly amongst all colors of your garden and is known to be adequate in mass planting. No need to worry. This rose won’t get lost in the crowd. It will complement other flowers and make your garden look professionally landscaped.

Large or small, this rose fits in just fine! If you’re lucky enough to be working with a lot of space, we suggest using a couple in a mass planting. A sea of white blossoms looks as enticing as it sounds!

Have missing spots around your landscaping that need filled? Order the White Drift Rose today to resolve that problem.

#ProPlantTips for Care

The White Drift Rose is the definition of small but mighty. It’s superior disease resistance to black spot is second to none. Nothing can stop this rose’s urge to glow.

In the spring and summer, pamper your White Drift Rose with slow-release fertilizer to give the rose the nutrients it needs and deserves over a longer period of time.

No plant adores the sun more than this one. Planting this rose in full sun will give it the boost needed to grow to its full, mature size of around 18 inches tall and about 2 feet wide.

Suggestion to make your life easier, lay mulch around your White Drift Rose to maintain even moisture year round. Not only will this make your rose healthier and happier, it will make your rose stand out that much more. Not to mention the already existing shrubs and flowers as well!

It is important to mound up mulch in late fall to cover the first foot of canes. In the early spring, pull the mulch away and trim down all stems to 6-8 inches. This will allow your rose to come back booming time after time again.

This rose will reward you with bright, captivating white blooms all summer and well into fall. Order today, they won’t stay in stock long!

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