White Licorice

White Licorice


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Fast Growing, Excellent for Baskets

The Licorice, White Licorice, ‘Helichrysum petiolare’, exhibits vigorous growth and elegant silver-frosted foliage.

This plant will let you do a little to get a lot. Licorice plants are exceptionally easy to grow, requiring little fertilizer. The White Licorice has fine foliage and is a compact grower.

This plant is an excellent choice for hanging baskets or mixed containers. It’s especially useful in mixed containers as it tends to grow outward which makes a planter or basket look larger.

Licorice does best in a well-drained soil, either in beds or containers. White Licorice produces small flowers that are insignificant and can be removed. For zones 9-11, this plant can also be a perennial.

* Heat tolerant
* Drought tolerant
* Easy to grow


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White Licorice – 4.5 Inch Container