White Meidiland® Rose

White Meidiland® Rose


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Elegant White Meidiland® Rose

  • Blooms all Season
  • Slopes and Banks Groundcover
  • Disease and Insect Resistant

The White Meidiland® Rose, Rosa ‘MEIcoublan’, is a hardy groundcover type rose with large 4″, double, white flowers that are produced all season long.

Glossy dark foliage covers branch stems and keeps this plant looking full all season long.

It does well on slopes and banks and is also disease and insect resistant. The White Meidiland rose may die back in winter, but will grow and flower from new canes.

This rose has its own root. The advantage of own root roses is that once established they are very resilient. If winter’s freezing breezes kill the top growth, the rose will grow back in the spring, and the recovered rose will look the same as the one you purchased.

This rose generally does not need much pruning. But if pruning is needed, do it in late winter to early spring. Order today!

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