White Mulberry

White Mulberry


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Fast-Growing Tree with Edible Fruit

The White Mulberry is a fast-growing, deciduous tree that produces an edible harvest of unique colored Mulberries. Plant one in a side yard where you can enjoy its features without concerns about dropping fruit.

The crown tends toward a spreading nature which is popular with wildlife. Birds will enjoy visiting your yard for the shelter and food your tree provides. The White Mulberry is wonderful as a shade tree or windbreak. It requires very little care and can tolerate drought, frost or poor soils.

One-inch raspberry-like fruits ripen in early to mid summer, and attain a delectable red-pink hue. You’ll know the fruit is ripe when your tree is alive with the excited cheeps of the songbirds that have come to feast.

You’ll enjoy the fruit for a snack right from your very own tree, or save some of the sweet berries for homemade Mulberry preserves or wine. A treat that is hard to come by and is a special, rare gift for friends and family.

The White Mulberry’s autumn raiment includes various shades of yellow, adding a bit of fall color to your landscape.

If you’d like a durable tree that produces delicious fruit every year, look no further than the White Mulberry.

  • Edible, Unique Fruit
  • Wildlife Interest
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Fast Growing Shade

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