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White Oak


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Majestic Shade Tree

The White Oak is an extraordinary deciduous tree known for its size and strength. It would be outstanding as the preeminent shade tree in your yard.

The White Oak is a magnificent native American tree that will provide a statuesque presence in your yard, as well as shade for your home and habitat for wildlife. It’s a long-lived tree with some being documented at over 500 years old.

Standing in the presence of the White Oak, one has the impression of being cared for and sheltered under its massive limbs that extend far out from its trunk. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the White Oak to be wider than it is tall.

The branches grow in wide angles, forming an incredibly broad rounded crown. The crown is rugged in appearance, again giving the impression of strength and stability.

The only softness in this tree comes in the spring when the leaves begin for form with a soft pink tint and fuzzy down that is soft to the touch. You’ll note a unique silvery hue that gives the tree a unique silvery appearance. To see one in the spring morning dew is to feel one has stepped into a fairy tale.

The White Oak’s five-inch leaves turn red to purple in autumn, and one-inch acorns tumble to the ground in October. The acorns are a bit smaller than those of some other Oaks, but are less bitter. Native Americans used them as a food source and wildlife love them.

This majestic tree is one of the best known hardwoods in North America. Its wood is very dense and strong so used extensively for various things including furniture and even some weapons. In fact, the USS Constitution is made of White Oak.

For a long-lived, strong and durable tree, the White Oak is the perfect choice.

  • Long Lived
  • Great Autumn Color
  • Wider Than Tall Growth Habit
  • THE Shade Tree

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