White Walnut Tree

White Walnut Tree


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Two common names, one uncommon tree!

To say that White Walnuts (aka Butternuts) are prolific trees would be an understatement. We hear accounts every year of people filling the beds of pickup trucks, sometimes more than once, in late summer and early fall with the nuts from just one tree! These Walnut trees grow so fast (often several feet in one year) that they are producing gorgeous shade and sweet nutmeats before you even know it.

Butternut or White Walnut (Juglans cinerea) used to be all over the American forest. Due to unchecked fungal blights the population has been decimated. We are very happy to be introducing this stronger strain of White Walnuts for your home garden and woodland areas.

White Walnut tree identification (or Butternut Walnut tree identification, if you prefer) is easy. The bark is smooth and pale white or grey in color. The nuts, which do indeed earn their nickname with a rich buttery-walnut flavor, aren’t round like Black Walnuts. They are more barrel-shaped. The nuts grow in green husks that are easy to peel off.

Store the clean, dry nuts in a cool dark place with good air circulation and they last so long that you can feast on them for years! Of course, you’re going to have to make sure that your hiding place is squirrel-proof because the little furry critters have been known to go to great lengths to get these prize nuts for themselves.

It takes a couple of years before you can harvest this buttery goodness from your own trees, so don’t wait to order yours from us today!

  • Sun Lover
  • LOADS Of Nuts Every Year
  • Unmatched Summer Shade Tree
  • Also Known As Butternut

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