William Baffin Climbing Rose

William Baffin Climbing Rose


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One of the Hardiest Climbing Roses

  • Spring to Fall Roses
  • Fragrant, Great Cut Flowers
  • Fast Growing
  • Cold Tolerant and Good Disease Resistance

William Baffin is a hardy, climbing rose. Plant one of these brilliant beauties on the arbor in your garden, the trellis by your front door or perhaps train one into a decorative shrub for your front lawn. No matter where you use it, William Baffin is a reliable source of color for your yard.

Your William Baffin will explode with hot-pink brilliance in June. The semi-double blooms burst forth on the scene in huge clusters (of up to 30 blossoms each), that blanket the vine with unprecedented color and form.

The flowers continue to bloom, over-and-over again right into fall, so you’re assured of a long season of exceptional color. Your William Baffin not only excels in appearance but also in fragrance, emitting a soft, gentle scent that calls you in for a closer look.

It’s fast growing, vigorous and disease resistant. The canes are quite strong, so can be left to their natural climbing nature, or pruned to create a colorful shrub. William Baffin is cold hardy as well.

Some people would say that William Baffin is arguably the hardiest repeat blooming climber available (especially for northern gardeners), and that certainly seems to be the case.

It can be difficult to find a climbing rose that will perform consistently, with strong color and form, and also provide hardiness and ease of care. William Baffin is certainly a rose that fulfills those requirements, and is ready to provide your home with those same attributes this year. Order one today!

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