Willow Oak Tree

Willow Oak Tree


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Fast, Spectacular Shade Willow Oak Tree

  • Fast Growing
  • Beautiful Form
  • Tolerant of Urban Conditions
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Disease and Pest Resistant

For homeowners interested in an elegant, unique, hardy and fast-growing Oaktree, the stately native Willow Oak (Quercus phellos) is a wonderful choice. This is one of the most popular trees for streets, parks, estates, and large residential properties.

This strong, beautiful tree is unique in the Red Oak group. Native to the southern United States, the most noticeable difference between the Willow Oak and a traditional Red Oak is the leaves.

Without the classic sharp lobes of the typical Red Oak, the Willow Oak has glossy, slender leaves that are similar to that of a Weeping Willow. The lateral limbs have a downward and outward swoop that adds credibility to the name “Willow” Oak.

The overall effect is a lovely shade tree with a very graceful profile and a fine texture. In spring, long, narrow, light green, willow-like leaves darken as the summer comes on.

Well known as a favorite of Thomas Jefferson, when young the Willow Oak grows in an elegant pyramidal habit. With age, it becomes somewhat rounded. The trunk is straight and stout, adding to its majestic appearance in the landscape.

The fall color is yet another plus for this Oak. It displays beautiful yellow to golden-russet with hints of red colors in the fall to brighten up streets and yards.

Willow Oak is a perfect shade tree that is well known for its ability to tolerate harsh urban conditions. It is a very popular street tree in many cities, including Washington D.C.

The Willow Oak is a beautiful and elegant tree that works well as a street tree in humid climates. Known for its strength and its air cleaning abilities, the Oak plays double duty in the urban landscape.

In the most ideal conditions – such as along streams or planted in a large, acidic lawn – this Oak is relatively disease and pest free and requires little maintenance.

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How to Use Willow Oak Tree in the Landscape

It’s important to keep in mind that this beautiful tree will eventually grow quite large. Give Willow Oak room to grow. Please don’t plant within 25 feet of buildings or walkways. While the fibrous root systems don’t produce many surface roots, you’ll want to avoid pruning hassles with this variety.

The branches will grow out, then sweep downward, so you’ll want to plan to either remove lower branches or leave room for them.

This is perhaps one of the best shade trees in a large lawn. With few surface roots, this is a low maintenance tree when used correctly. It features a simple fall clean up. Small leaves drop quickly and do not persist on the tree like other Oaks.

This is a fast-growing Oak. You’ll quickly enjoy the marvelous shade that blocks hot afternoon sun from southern or western exposures.

#ProPlantTips for Care

This widely adaptable tree tolerates poor drainage. However, Willow Oak performs best in locations where it receives at least 6 hours of sun a day and moist, well-drained soil.

When first planting your Willow Oak, watch to make sure it gets regular watering. Once established, it becomes drought tolerant in all but the hottest areas.

Though adapted to many different climates and soil types, the Willow Oak does require an acid soil with a pH of 6 or less. It does not do well in high pH soils. Given the right pH, the Willow Oak is considered to be one of the easiest of the Oaks to transplant and establish.

Fertilize it twice a year in late winter and mid-summer with Dr. Earths Acid Lovers Organic and Natural Premium Fertilizer to support the tree. Use Nature Hills Root Booster at the bottom of the planting hole to get your tree off to a great start.

In the perfect conditions, a growing height of 75 to 80 feet can be achieved. Usually, however, conditions are not quite ideal. In that case, average height for Willow Oak is approximately 60 feet.

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