Winesap Apple Tree

Winesap Apple Tree


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Classic, Multi-Purpose Heritage Winesap Apple

  • Juicy Fruit
  • Fresh Eating, Juicing, Baking
  • Keeps Well in Storage
  • Gorgeous Yellow Fruit with a Red Blush
  • Heavy Producer
  • Red Blooms in Spring

The Winesap Apple (Malus ‘Winesap’) is an heirloom Apple variety whose history dates from the 1700s, but the variety was further developed in the 1800s’ and became a fast favorite among growers big and small. It is still one of the leading strains being grown in the United States, and if you plant one (or 20), you’ll quickly see why.

Our Winesap Apple is also referred to as the “Stayman Winesap,” and is a prime choice for eating, juicing and baking. Thought to be one of the juiciest varieties, the Winesap Apple is an all-purpose Apple you can slice for fruit trays and salads, turn by the handful into crisps and tarts, or even bake a classic Apple pie.

This hardy fruit keeps for up to three months in cold storage, so you have lots of leeway when it comes to preserving your annual harvest, whether you can your Winesap Apples, turn them into Applesauce and Apple butter, or choose to dehydrate them for enjoyment all year long.

When harvest time comes, your Winesap Apple Tree will be heavy with large, good-sized fruit. The flesh of the Winesap Apple is tart yellow and very juicy, tinged with russet and red dots and even seen with some red veining in some fruits. This moderately crisp Apple has firm, somewhat coarse bite with a spritely, medium-tart acidic taste.

This Winesap Apple Tree is no wallflower. In springtime, its bright red blooms provide a resplendent backdrop for your lawn, creating a real spectacle the whole neighborhood can enjoy.

Growers love the easy-to-maintain Winesap Apple Tree, which grows well in Zones 5-8. A semi-dwarf, this variety prefers dry, sandy soil and does best in full sun. Expect fruit in three to five years after planting. Order today and get started now!

Suggested pollinators are Gala, Fuji, and Red or Golden Delicious.

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Winesap Apple Tree – #5 Container, Winesap Apple Tree – #3 Container 4-5 Feet