Winter Banana Apple Tree

Winter Banana Apple Tree


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Beautiful Winter Banana Apple Tree

  • Mid-Season
  • Less than 400 Chill Hours
  • Mild, Sweet Fresh Eating Apple
  • Pale Yellow Skin with Pink Blush
  • Gorgeous Heirloom Apple
  • Fresh Eating Apple
  • Great in Cider
  • Stores for Several Months with Proper Preparation
  • Precocious Variety Starts Bearing Fruit at a Young Age
  • Pretty Spring Flowers
  • Partially Self-Pollinating Variety is a Great Pollination Partner for Other Apple Trees

Home orchards in areas with mild winters love the sweet, juicy taste of the heirloom Variety, Winter Banana Apple (Malus domestica ‘Winter Banana’). Add this wonderful variety to your backyard and enjoy the beauty, aroma and heavenly taste for yourself.

This tree produces the most beautiful waxy yellow fruit with one side blushed with a pink cheek. It’s spreading habit, lovely spring blooms and fascinating display of ripening fruit make this an Edible Ornamental tree.

This valuable fruiting variety does very well in the Pacific Northwest and other mild winter regions that have low chill requirements. This variety is self fruitful when grown in mild regions. Add a second tree, or include another variety to increase your harvest.

The sweet, mild fruit is best for fresh eating but also used in sauces and cider. It keeps for several months with proper storage.

This tree is well known as a precocious variety. It will start bearing fruit for you as a young tree.

In peak growing years with impeccable growing conditions, don’t be surprised if your harvest features a fruity banana fragrance and a banana-like flavor.

Enjoy the flavor and aroma of these lovely apples. You’ll love growing Winter Banana Apple trees, order yours today!

How to Use Winter Banana Apple Tree in the Landscape

Use a single WInter Banana as a special specimen tree in either front or backyards. Many people across the country are re-discovering the beauty and charm of fruiting plants.

Try one in your patio planting bed. You’ll thrill to the lovely spring blooms and the developing harvest!

There is nothing better than homegrown fruit. Plant three varieties together for loads of fruit and to stagger your harvest with early and late season trees. Add Yellow Delicious or Granny Smith to also enjoy a wonderful baking apple in your collection.

#ProPlantTips for Care

Give Apple trees full sun, where they will get at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. For best results, plant them in a protected spot that has plenty of air circulation.

It should thrive in well-drained soil. If you need to improve your drainage, create a mounded heap of soil 18 inches high and 3 feet wide. Plant directly in that mound.

During the first year and each year thereafter as fruit is developing, water carefully. Provide a moderate amount of even water on a regular basis.

Winter Banana is a prolific bearer. Thin fruit set early in the season to allow for full-size apples.

Prune to correct shape and establish the structure in late winter. Prune while your tree is dormant, before new growth appears. If you want to keep the trees smaller, prune them for size control in summer.

People love the Winter Banana dessert apples. Don’t wait to order these trees!

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