Winter Beauty Boxwood

Winter Beauty Boxwood


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Very Hardy Evergreen Winter Beauty Boxwood

  • Formal Accent
  • Evergreen Structure Plant
  • Fine-Textured, Rounded Shrub
  • Bright Green Summer Foliage
  • Coppery-Warm Winter Color
  • Extremely Cold Hardy
  • Grow in Sun or Part Shade
  • Excellent Low Hedge
  • Deer Tend to Leave Them Alone

Is your landscape a little ho-hum? Most people start by searching for flowers. But good garden design principles have another direction for you to consider.

Start with the structure first. A good rule of thumb is to include ? evergreen trees and shrubs as the framework of your design.

Once you have that in place, have a ball shopping for seasonal blooms!

For a wonderfully tidy, little, evergreen ball, you’ll want to take a good look at Winter Beauty Boxwood (Buxus microphylla Winter Beauty’). These plants are in high demand, and are nearly impossible to find!

Nature Hills is thrilled to offer one of the most winter hardy varieties of Boxwood available. With small, oval leaves, WInter Beauty looks incredible all year-long. Left alone to grow to its mature height and width, it becomes a rounded ball.

Of course, planting several Boxwood shrubs together makes a fantastic low hedge. Go as formal as you like with a yearly shearing, or let them fill in as soft, natural plants.

You’ll love the bright green spring growth, followed by tiny, creamy-yellow flowers. Butterflies come a-calling to visit the blooms. You’ll love the fragrance!

All growing season long, you’ll appreciate the lush, dark green leaves. The foliage is held densely from top to bottom on compact, well-balanced branches.

In winter, this variety can brighten into a coppery-orange hue that catches your eye. It looks great against the white snow; especially in open, exposed areas.

There is nothing like Boxwood to polish up the look of your landscaping. It just makes everything look better.

Order your Winter Beauty Boxwood today. Be sure to order enough to complete your entire project. You’d hate to come back and see how quickly we sell out of this variety.

How to Use Winter Beauty Boxwood in the Landscape

As you might imagine, you might use broad-leaved evergreen Winter Beauty as a back-up singer. All growing season long, your flowers and grasses will be supported by its durable, steadfast, dark green tones.

Or, give them a place to shine as a specimen. Asian or Zen Gardens rely on effective plants like this to provide a calm respite from busy, modern life.

Plant them in the ground, or in large exterior containers. Can you imagine how sophisticated a series of Winter Beauty Boxwood would look in matching containers decorating your patio?

Create a low hedge by planting 20 inches apart on center. You’ll measure from the center of one to the center of the next. The plants will grow together.

Add a row along the length of your garden beds, or to outline a square or rectangle. Fill with massed flowering shrubs, or Roses, or spring-flowering bulbs and bedding plants.

Winter Beauty Boxwood polish any companion plant. They act just like a picture frame!

Choose to keep them clipped for a formal hedge. Or, allow them to grow into a soft, fluffy, natural shape. They look great either way.

ProPlantTips for Care

Give your Boxwood a spot in full sun, or part shade. It will need well-drained soil, but you can plant in a raised bed if you have heavy soil that holds water.

Place a 3 inch layer of mulch around the plant. Pull the mulch back from around the stems and leave a gap of several inches. Mulch helps the root system stay cool and moist.

Young plants need close attention to watering. Provide a moderate amount of water on a regular basis.

It’s especially important to water your plants well in fall, as you head into winter. These evergreens need moisture in their leaves for protection against the drying winter winds.

For the greenest winter color, select a sheltered spot out of the worst winds. For bright bronze color, allow Winter Beauty to take on the full brunt of your winter weather and harsh conditions.

Prune by late spring or early summer. If you see errant branches later in the summer, you can clip them off. As the winter approaches, be sure to put down the pruning shears. You won’t want to encourage new growth that late in the season.

In early spring, give Winter Beauty an organic, slow-release fertilizer according to the label directions. Top dress with compost every other year to enrich the soil for your beautiful plants.

Enjoy the rugged, carefree nature of these pretty evergreens. Winter Beauty is an incredible choice to easily boost the professionalism of your landscaping. Order yours today!

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