Yellow Margarita Tulip

Yellow Margarita Tulip


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Sit Back and Relax With the Yellow Margarita Tulip

  • Double Early
  • Brilliant Yellow Blooms With Streaks of Red and Green
  • Short and Sturdy Stems
  • Easy to Grow
  • Great in Containers

It’s easy to see why we added this new and brilliant Double Early Tulip to the Nature Hill’s selective offerings. The Yellow Margarita Tulip will transport you to Margaritaville and you will be so dazzled with its bright yellow tone, you won’t be able to think about your lost shaker of salt. Instead, with such brilliant and lemony yellow petals, you’ll be dreaming of sunshine, lemonade, and warm nights in Key West. And as a Double Early-bloom, this unique tulip will unfurl its petals for one of the most dramatic sights you will ever see.

These luminous tulips make a bright impact as a long-lasting and sturdy mass planting. They will also draw the eye towards your front border when planted in front of taller spring bulbs. In fact, they even pop when planted in front of ordinary spring bulb foliage. And while these blooms are known for their volume, their stems are small and mighty. You might even say they’re the Atlas of the garden, relentlessly and persistently holding up glowing globes of petals.

As for the Yellow Margarita’s blooms, well, they are anything but ordinary. While these yellow tulips may appear rustic and conventional from afar, up close they capture the eye with streaks of red and green–one might even say the lime and splash of grenadine to complete the perfect margarita. And the slight frill to the edges of the petals elicits thoughts of icy drinks and the soft sway romantic evenings in the tropics.

Planting tulip bulbs is simple. Just bury them twice the depth of the bulb’s height and wait for spring. Yellow Margarita Tulips are their most showy when planted in full sun.

You don’t have to be a Jimmy Buffet or a margarita fan to get drunk on the brilliance of the Yellow Margarita Tulip. If you want to light up your yard in spring, be sure to order yours now.

We will ship your bulbs based on the correct planting time for your area.

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Yellow Margarita Tulip – 10 pack bulbs